''Even though our fandom isn’t that big nor is it powerful, but we don’t seem to lose others.''

HQ: http://i.imgur.com/E696SWT.jpg <

/so/ i know i kinda disappeared from tumblr but yeah whtzpp what you gonna do about it. this is what i do instead of #life bye


your best excuse is just filled with doubt to me

even when filming separately, all the members shared the same thoughts about the future [cr]


2/ Ssul moments in Amazing f(x)

tao filming kyungsoo - dorm cut


shin sung woo showing chanyeol some love first thing in the morning..


it gets bigger by itself. that red light.

Under the rule of the jungle, the weak get eaten.


You can remember tomorrow. I’ll remember all of our yesterdays.


kyungsoo’s reaction when he drank the bitter juice



140706 All Night - LunToria and JungLi

F(x) - Red Light Teaser

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